About Us "Care and research Foundation"

Genesis of Care and Research Foundation (Nashik - India):

Four youth educated graduate Ajay shukla, Mrunal Bhatt, Lokesh Patel & Kalpesh Wankhede came together under the name “Care and Research Foundation (CnR)” with feeling that educated and creative youngster should come together to find solution to social problem, rather than just blaming government and politician. Thus Care and Research Foundation (Nashik-India) started is it activities in 2011 from Nashik on personal basis.


Motto of Care and Research Foundation (Nashik - India):

Care and Research Foundation (CnR) is multi Purpose Non Government Not for Profit Organization (NGO / NPO) established with an motto to unite the youth and provide a formal & legal platform under the umbrella Care and Research Foundation wherein they can come with like minded people to create a group that will work for a specific cause and awaking citizen to have “CARE” for the society and Nation as whole. In short Care and Research Foundation (Nashik - India) is committed to unite citizen creating a sense of belongingness to make society a better place to live.

Legal Existence of Care and Research Foundation (Nashik - India):

Care and Research Foundation (CnR) is registered multi Purpose Non Government Not for Profit Organization under Societies Act, 1986 & Bombay Trust Act, 1950 under Charity Commission Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra.


Past Care and Research Foundation (CnR)

  • CnR’s Joy of Giving:
  • CnR’s Vidyadanam:
  • CnR’s Clean India! Green India (Swacha Bharat)
  • CnR’s “Kaushal Vikas Kendra”
  • CnR’s Aarogyam:
  • CnR’s IJSSR
  • CnR’s Science & Innovation


 Why to Join Care and Research Foundation (CnR)

  • We add value to society, make strategies for the country: ( Rather than just sitting and commenting on what’s wrong out, lets stand up to improve what we can)
  • We get practical experience with work with team for a common goal. (That even most of management colleges’ failure to teach.)
  • Adds on value and weight to our personal profile (specially for job aspirants)
  • Career opportunity: Now a day good career prospects are available to work in government dept. / project or with big NGO’s say a programme in charge etc. with handsome salary packages.
  • Wider & diversified social networking:
  • Make our thinking horizon broader & wider by opening your mind:
  • Leadership: You difference between enforced leadership and earned leadership. Leaders are not born the created on flied.
  • Makes one humble, polite with lesser ego:
  • Most important is the joy of doing our bit for others is beyond everything.

And of course we get affiliation, recognition in the form of certificate / letter of appreciated etc